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Inventing innovative ways to assemble molecular and nano-scale structures

Synthesis is at the core of the chemical sciences. Indiana University has a diverse range of faculty who engage in this endeavor such as the preparation of organometallic complexes, the total synthesis of natural products, the assembly of nano-scale structures and the construction of molecules with novel function.  See more faculty interested in this theme »


Ricardo Javier Vázquez Eric Bloch Jose Goicoechea Sara E. Skrabalak Jared Lewis Lyudmila Bronstein M. Kevin Brown Kenneth Caulton Silas Cook Richard DiMarchi Trevor Douglas Amar Flood Liang-shi Li Nicola L. B. Pohl Jeremy Smith Thomas Snaddon Theodore Widlanski David R. Williams Xingchen Ye Jeffrey Zaleski


Finding Methods to Make a Range of Sugars

Professor Pohl and her group are finding methods to make a range of sugars to learn the rules of our immune responses to this type of structure. With collaborators, they can start to ask what carbohydrates in what contexts can boost an immune response—necessary t...

Seeding a New Kind of Garden with Nanoscale Building Blocks

The properties of solids can be manipulated for optimal performance in applications through confinement of materials to nanometer dimensions. However, control of composition and structure is required for nanoscale materials to be integrated into new technologies....