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Mass Spectrometry

The MSF is located in rooms A411, A420, and A454 and is staffed from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday and the facility houses the following equipment; for walk-up use: Agilent 1200/6130 HPLC-MS, Agilent 6890N/5973 GC-MS, Agilent 6890N/5973 GC-MS with a Gerstel MPS, Agilent 7890B/5977B GC-MS, Bruker Autoflex III Smartbeam MALDI-TOF MS, and Agilent 1290/6135 Infinity II LC-MS for staff use only: Applied Biosystems Sciex 4000 QTRAP with a Agilent 1290 Infinity II UHPLC, Agilent 7890B/7250 GC Q-TOF with a Gerstel MPS and Gerstel TDS3 with a Gerstel TDSA2, and Thermo Scientific Finnigan LTQ Orbitrap XL Mass Spectrometer.

The Mass Spec Facility is Managed by Angela Hansen, for more detailed information about each instrument, please visit the Instrumentation page on our website at