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Center for Cell and Virus Theory

The Center for Cell and Virus Theory is a research institute, with the main objective of developing mathematical and computational models of the physical and chemical processes for underlying cell and virus behavior. The CCVT addresses the challenge of understanding the workings of life on multi-, single- and sub-cellular scales. The interdisciplinary approach of the CCVT integrates methods from statistical mechanics, quantum chemistry, chemical kinetics, cell physiology, virology, biochemistry and computational sciences. Information theory is used to integrate models with data to produce a revolutionary automated model development, calibration and risk assessment approach.

Applications of our software include microarray, NMR and proteomic data analysis. Specific technologies also include drug and vaccine discovery, nanoparticle drug delivery, system design, environmental remediation and bio-reactor optimization. Disease groups under active research include those induced by viral and bacterial pathogens, cancer and diabetes.