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Linda and Jack Gill Center for Biomolecular Science

The Linda and Jack Gill Center for Biomolecular Science (GCBS) was established to advance the understanding of complex biological processes and to train next generation scientists in state-of-the-art biomolecular measurements, especially in the field of neuroscience. Collaborations include Indiana University’s world-class Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychological and Brain Science , Neuroscience, and the School of Medicine.

Specific GCBS Goals:

  • Bring together multidisciplinary teams of world-class faculty interested in state-of-the-art biomolecular measurements to understand complex biological processes, especially neuroscience
  • Provide training to graduate students from a range of disciplines in the use and development of measurement techniques and instrumentation
  • Provide undergraduate students an opportunity to be involved in cutting-edge research projects
  • Encourage interaction with industry in order to identify important problems and to commercialize advances
  • Widely disseminate advances in complex biomolecular measurement techniques and instrumentation

Gill Center