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The Department of Chemistry has built a strong network to support our students’ career development by establishing relationships with potential employers and offering career counseling through faculty mentoring. The department has a very active undergraduate research program, teaches courses for chemistry career planning and service outreach, and also offers the opportunity for undergraduates to teach. Students are also encouraged to explore careers by volunteering, joining professional organizations, and studying abroad.

The Department of Chemistry also offers a variety of employment opportunities such as academics, scientist positions, laboratory technicians, administrative and information technology support, purchasing, technical services (machinists, electronics, glass blowers), student and teaching services, and much more.

Chemistry Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) Program

Purpose: UTAs in the chemistry department enhance the learning environment for students enrolled in undergraduate chemistry courses by providing expert instruction and near-peer mentoring.  The program also benefits the UTAs by deepening their knowledge of chemical principles and improving communication and leadership skills.  Many teaching assistants report that working to help other students succeed is a highly rewarding experience.

EligibilityStudents who have previously served as an undergraduate teaching intern (UTIN) for a chemistry class may apply to be a UTA.  A student must have earned a grade of B or higher in a course to serve as a UTA for that course.

Responsibilities and Payment: UTAs will be paired with a graduate student or another UTA to lead a discussion class or laboratory section.  Other responsibilities may include safety training, grading, proctoring, and attending meetings related to the course.  UTAs will work between 5 and 10 hours per week and will be paid $15/hour.

UTA Application Form

Lab Prep Assistant

We need assistants to help with the day to day tasks needed to run the chemistry lab classes. We typically employ around 20 undergraduate students during the fall and spring semesters if you are interested in working as an Chemistry Lab Prep Assistant, please check out the job posting on IU’s chosen job site, Handshake. The application may be downloaded and submitted all through Handshake. We usually consider new hires 3 or 4 weeks before the beginning of each semester. If you have any questions, please contact the Lab Coordinator Aulaire Schmitz (