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Chemistry AI Office Hours

Students are free to attend the office hours of any AI who is teaching a section of their course. AI’s hold their office hours in the Chemistry Resources Center (room CH046, Chemistry Building).

Chemistry Tutors List

Online Chemistry Tutoring – Spring 2021

Chemistry tutoring is moving online!

Each semester, the Department of Chemistry offers free tutoring services in the library which support general chemistry and organic chemistry courses.  If you have not used this service in the past, perhaps you will in future semesters when we are back on campus.

At present, tutors will be available for your questions starting January 24th.  No tutoring services are available during finals week in any semester.

General Sunday Monday Wednesday
Wisdom Ibikunle Jonathan Harris Samantha Ley
zoom: 914 1194 5855 zoom: 950 2191 3005 zoom: 333 456 2418
Password: SGCTutor Password: ChemIsFun! Password: chemistry
6 – 9 pm 6 – 9 pm 6 – 9 pm
Organic Sunday Monday Wednesday
Jack Sansone Jordan Cruse Colton Frieden
zoom: 910 8319 4019 zoom: 915 5150 6384 zoom: 977 5075 3522
Password: IUOrgo! Password: IUOChem Password: IUorgo
6 – 9 pm 6 – 9 pm 6 – 9 pm


CALM Homework System

The Computer Assisted Learning Method (CALM) is an online homework system created by an IU chemistry professor. It is currently used in our 100-level courses. In addition to providing homework, CALM also securely posts students’ grades on quizzes, exams, lab reports, and other assignments.

Chemistry Library

Our library features a Virtual Reference Room with online reference books such CRC Handbook of Physics and Chemistry, powerful search engines including Scifinder Scholar, 100’s of online journals, the Web Directory of Graduate Research, and links to the online catalog, IUCAT, for IU’s library system.

Department of Chemistry Definition of Plagiarism

This information is extremely important for all chemistry students to read and understand. If students have any questions about this information or about academic misconduct, they should ask the their professors and/or consult the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct at .

Lecture Demos

Lecture demos can be found here.

Campus Resources

Chemical Information Services

CHEMINFO is designed to help people find and learn how to use chemical information resources on the Internet and elsewhere. It brings together Web sites at Indiana University with significant chemical information content.

College of Arts & Sciences Definition of Plagiarism

Students are urged to consult this site, as it unites under one umbrella the best plagiarism web pages on our campus (and a few from beyond IU). In addition, it provides other useful relevant information, e.g., citation guidelines from widely-utilized manuals of style; the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct, tips for faculty, and more. The website also provides helpful advice for clarifying expectations regarding academic honesty integrity and for explaining how to avoid plagiarism charges.

Student Academic Center (SAC)

SAC has a workshop series that continues throughout the fall and spring to help students with study skills, time management, improving reading speed, stress management, oral presentation skills, supplemental instruction for some math courses, and individualized academic assessment and assistance.

Academic Support Centers (ASC)

ASC offer a wide range of free services, including tutoring (for introductory chemistry and biology), UDIV advising, workshops, review sessions and other academic support. There is an ASC in three conveniently location residence halls, Briscoe (North campus), Teter (Central), and Forest (South-East).

Information Technology Training & Education

IT Training teaches many classes, most of them free to students, on the use of a variety of software including Access (databases), Excel (spreadsheets), Word, Canvas, web publishing, and more. There are also some online tutorials, mostly dealing with web publishing and using e-mail.

Campus Writing Programs

Writing assistance is available through a few programs including the ASC’s (see above) and the Writing Tutorial Services (WTS). WTS (pronounced “wits”) provides free individual tutoring to students working on writing projects for any of their courses (including writing laboratory reports).