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Daily Operations

Normal operations are ongoing.

The Chemistry Department may face an emergency situation, and knowing what to do can make all the difference -- not only for ourselves but for our visitors and guests. Use the buttons to read through procedures for potential emergencies, and you’ll find campus-specific information at the bottom of each procedure.

Chemistry Department Safety Information

IU EHS Online Safety Training Modules

A catalog of online and in-person training modules provided by IU Environmental Health and Safety may be found here: ( These coureses are updated annually, and some are refreshed each semester. Chemistry users may be especially interested in the following courses:

  • Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety Training
  • Hazard Communications Training
  • Hearing Conservation Training
  • Hazardous Materials Transportation Training
  • Laboratory Ergonomics Training
  • Laboratory Safety Training
  • Laser Safety Training
  • Personal Protective Equipment Training
  • Shipment of Biological Materials
  • Waste Management Training for Labs

  • If there are any other training modules you would like to see offered for your lab (e.g. cryogenic cylinders, glovebox operations, etc.), please email suggestions to

    University Health and Safety Information