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At the Department of Chemistry, we believe that a strong and inclusive community is important. That’s why we reach out to our local community and support diversity initiatives within our department, on campus, and beyond. We develop free learning tools for students, assist teachers in acquiring chemical supplies and equipment, and support student organizations broadly. Also, members of our department, ranging from undergraduate students to faculty members, are always happy to give special guest lectures and share knowledge and experience with others.

If you are interested in any of these volunteer services that we provide, or otherwise wish to learn more, please contact our coordinator of community outreach, Rick Armstrong, by email at or by phone at (812) 855-1192.

IU Science Fest

Science Fest is moving this year!  We will not be hosting Science Fest in the fall of 2023.  Instead, the event will take place on Saturday, April 6, 2024, two days before the total solar eclipse occurs in Bloomington.  Noting the date change, as always come and join us for a day of exploration, science and fun! The laboratories will be open and filled with activities for scientists of all ages to experience hands-on chemistry. Our walls will be decorated with posters explaining the latest research being conducted at IU. Select facilities will be open for the public to explore and interact with the laboratory staff. And we will once again be performing 2 of our ever-popular Chemistry Magic Shows. Everyone is welcome to attend! Click here for more details.

Computer Assisted Learning Method (CALM)

CALM is a free web-based learning tool that provides both students and teachers with assessment about the comprehension of a particular topic.

Chemistry Magic Shows, Demonstrations and Experiments

The Department of Chemistry prides itself in the demonstrations it performs for schools to open the eyes of students toward chemistry. If you are in need of a demonstration or Chemistry Magic Show for your school, please contact us and we can arrange a small group to come and present.

Chemistry Department Tours

You are welcome to bring your class to the department for a Chemistry Tour; popular tour stops include the glass shop, the NMR facility, Proteomic Facility, and the Molecular Structure Center. While you are at IU, we can also give your class a Chemistry Magic Show. We can arrange a tour that fits your schedule and students.

Guest Speakers

If you wish for a professor, scientist or even one of the graduate or undergraduate students in the Chemistry department to come to speak with a class, we can arrange for it. Schedules are busy, but many people are willing to share their knowledge and experience.

Equipment and Chemical Use

If you need any help in picking out demonstrations or experiments for your students, we can make arrangements to loan out glassware and provide equipment or chemicals that you need. We are a great source for liquid nitrogen and dry ice!