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Online Scholarship Application Deadline (Extended): Sunday, February 28th.

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Summer Research Scholarships

Chemistry majors are eligible to apply for summer undergraduate research scholarships. These scholarships are intended for undergraduates already engaged in research activities who can benefit from essentially full-time summer research. Only those students who will be enrolled as undergraduates during the next academic year are eligible to apply. Applications from students and supporting statements from their faculty research mentors are due in the Undergraduate Office in early February.

The summer research scholarships are made possible by monies from various contributions from individuals as well as corporate sponsors.

The Hutton Honors College Undergraduate Honors Research Grant Program is another source of funding for juniors and seniors engaging in research. All eligible applicants to the departmental scholarship program are also expected to file applications with this program as well. The criteria are: promise of productive scholarship, motivation, and skill in research (as reflected by grades and faculty recommendations; significance of project, feasibility and quality of proposal; realism of the budget and equitable distributions of grants among departments). The amount of the award varies. Application is made through the Hutton Honors College (324 N. Jordan Ave.).

Merit Scholarships and Awards

Several scholarships and awards are given each year to students based on their academic accomplishments. These scholarships vary in amount from $500 to $1000. Two are awarded to top seniors going on to graduate school in chemistry. These scholarships and awards are funded mainly by individuals.

2021 Honors Banquet Scholarship & Award Winners

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2021 Summer Scholarships
John H. Billman Summer Scholarship
  • Nicholas Scherschel
Harry G. Day Summer Research Scholarship
  • Vincent Allen
  • Ethan Barksdale
  • Maddie Elise Clemmer
  • Kate Duckworth
  • Olivia Duncan
  • Hannah Giba
  • Anya Hardwick
  • Nicole Elizabeth Kilzer
  • Samantha Ley
  • Adam Pickett
  • Ben Thomas Pockrass
  • Ryan Sanders
  • Harumi Shimano
  • Abby Spencer
  • Brandon Wehmiller
Ira E. Lee Summer Research Scholarship
  • Christopher Basile
Mann Undergraduate Scholarship in Chemistry
  • Daniel Adelfinsky
  • Manisha Bethi
  • Caroline Haynie
  • Thomas Pugh
Frank Mathers Undergraduate Research Scholarship
  • Jacob Hatfield
  • Brynn LeMasters
Dennis G. Peters Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Maeve Reilly
  • Paige Robinson
  • Joe Tankersley
  • Kyle Yust
Raymond Siedle Undergraduate Research Fund
  • Arman Khandoker
  • Megan Laune
Lee J. Todd Chemistry Memorial Scholarship
  • Alex Butrum-Griffith
  • Harry Zhang
2021 Academic Awards
Keith Ault Scholarship
  • Luke Hawkins
William H. Bell Scholarship
  • Jane Georgas
  • Kim Reish
LeRoy Dugan Scholarship
  • Hayley Lewis
Harlan English Scholarship
  • Komal Kumar
R. J. Grim Scholarship
  • Vincent Allen
  • Nicholas Grieser
  • Clara Lietzke
  • Mariah Martin
  • Maeve Reilly
Hardy Scholarship
  • Jared Miller
John R. & Wendy L. Kindig Scholarship
  • Isabell Deem
  • Hadley Faith
  • Thomas Pugh
  • Madison Rowe
  • Julian Spangler
  • Robert Woodburn IV
William & Iris Klinkenberg Scholarship
  • Wisdom Ibikunle
  • Bryson Karrer
  • William Smith
  • Emily Ward
  • Amberly Xie
Margaret & Anne Kuzmitz Scholarship
  • Anya Hardwick
John & Dorothy McKenzie Scholarship
  • Byoungchan An
  • Lyca Bishop
Roessler Chemistry Scholarship
  • Ethan Apsley
Enola Van Valer Trafford Scholarship Fund
  • Elizabeth Broshears
  • Olivia Duncan
Viola Scholarship in Nuclear/Physical Chemistry
  • Harry Zhang
Forrest L. Warner Scholarship
  • Kynton Grays
  • Sophie Jancich
Francis and Mildred (Eckerty) Whitacre Scholarship
  • Shiyu Dong
  • Abbey Landini