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Job Searches

Here is a list of websites that assist in finding jobs for chemists and general scientists. For general career planning information, check the Career Resources page.

General Science Careers

Science Careers
Career resources in the sciences provided by the journal Science

Chronicle Careers
Job listings for academic and private sector positions.

Academic Careers Online
Job listings for teaching, education, research and other academia-related jobs.

A job-search service for scientific professionals and recruiters.
A career networking portal for the fields of biomedical informatics and biotechnology.

Chemistry Specific Careers

Working at IU Bloomington
Openings in the Department of Chemistry are listed with IU Bloomington Human Resources.

Department of Chemistry AfterCollege Job Resource
AfterCollegeâ„¢ is a service for college students and recent graduates who are looking for entry level jobs, internships, and other opportunities. Sign up and post your resume to receive invitations from employers or search 150,000+ jobs from over 25,000 top employers.

A job vacancy web site for chemists, biochemists, pharmaceutical scientists and chemical engineers.

Pharmaceutical (including sales) jobs and career resources.
A dynamic website connecting job seekers to the global life sciences job market.
Free Resume posting and access to an extensive jobs database and more for candidates and employers worldwide in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, the medical and healthcare industries and related fields.

Organic Chemistry Positions Worldwide
An online resource for organic chemists looking for a job, and for companies or organizations who want to recruit organic chemists.

Corporate Careers

This is a list of companies that interview with students within our department or provide useful information: