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Current internship and career opportunities can be accessed here.

The Department of Chemistry works with local employers to provide opportunities for students to receive professional experience in chemistry-related work environments. Not only do these opportunities provide real-world knowledge and experience, but they also count as course credit towards chemistry degree requirements.

Students interested in doing an internship in chemistry for credit via CHEM-X373, Professional Practice in Chemistry, must meet the eligibility requirements, understand the guidelines stated below, and should visit the Academic Office to begin their search for an internship. The Undergraduate Office will assist students in locating appropriate internship experiences, but it is the responsibility of the student to obtain placement. In all cases, final employment decisions are made by the companies and firms involved in the internship program.

Eligibility Requirements

Interested applicants must have completed Chemistry C117, C341, C342, C343 and Mathematics M211 (with C- or better) prior to internship participation. Completion of upper-level laboratory courses in analytical chemistry is recommended. An applicant must also have at least one semester's course work (and preferably two semesters) remaining after the internship.

Other Information

A student may receive a maximum of six credit hours toward degree requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences for participation in X373. There are also internship courses offered through the College of Arts and Sciences Career Service.

B.S. Chemistry and B.S. Biochemistry majors may use these credits as elective hours within the chemistry concentration. B.A. Chemistry majors may not use these credits as electives within the chemistry concentration. However, the credit may be used in total graduation hours.

Internship students will be paid a salary for their work experience that is determined by the employer. Students should be aware that internship earnings may affect the amount of financial aid a student receives.