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Prerequisite Check

Prerequisites Not Met

We're sorry, but it appears you do not qualify for permission to enroll in C117/C127 or J117 (Science Majors) at this time.

Please visit this page again once you have completed one of the following prerequisites. CPE Scores may take up to two business days to update.
Prerequisite C117/C127 J117 (Science Majors) Current
C103 D- Min. A- Min. N/A
C101/C121 D- Min. A- Min. N/A | N/A
C105/C125 D- Min. A- Min. N/A | N/A
AP 25 4 4 N/A
CPE 15 Min. 19 Min. N/A
ALEKS Tutorial 95% Min. 95% Min. N/A

C117 Eligibility Map
C117 Placement Exam