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Julie Abrams

Administrative Assistant to the Chair

Dalane Anderson

Chemistry Graduate Program Coordinator & Academic Office Manager

Quinn Benefiel

Receiving Specialist

Lisa Burchenson

Business Operations Manager

Amy Craft

Chemistry and Biochemistry Advisor

Norman Dean

Director of Undergraduate Labs

Jackie Drake

Scientific Stores Purchasing Representative

Kayse Ehinger

Student Services Coordinator

Stacy Felton

Administrative Assistant

Carly Friedman

Chemistry and Biochemistry Advisor

Jane Hanser

Office Services Assistant

Nicole Johnson

Travel and Seminar Coordinator

Erin McFadden

HR Operations Coordinator

Tricia Miles

Administrative Assistant

Ashley Mills

Director of Business

Phil Osborn

Payroll Specialist

Mayghan Rider

HR Business Partner

Chad Schaeffer

Building Manager

Aulaire Schmitz

Organic Laboratory Coordinator

Maria Sievers Perotti

Compliance and Reporting Manager

Agatha Wong

Purchasing Representative

Heather Yarnall-Kates

Purchasing Representative