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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility

The NMR Facility provides 7 Varian/Agilent high resolution NMR spectrometers in from 200 MHz to 800 MHz to perform all modern solution-state experiments. State-of-the-art 600 MHz and 800 MHz instruments with HCN cold probes dedicated to BioNMR are housed in the METACyt Biomolecular NMR Laboratory in Simon Hall. 500 MHz, 300 MHz and 2 400 MHz spectrometers reside in Chemistry for walkup use. A variety of probes are available for these instruments including HCN, HCX and HCNP and broadband tunable probes as well as the default (1H, 13C) and (1H, 19F, 13C, 31P) probes. All of these instruments have variable temperature systems. The 500 MHz instrument has a 3 axis gradient driver and probe for microimaging. A 200 MHz instrument is also available primarily for undergraduate instruction.

Workstations for offline use are provided in the Chemistry Facility. In addition the facility maintains site licenses for Mestrenova offline processing software for PC and Mac and ACD chemical shift prediction.

The NMR facility also features numerous training resources, a wet lab for sample preparation, a comprehensive web reservation system, easy remote access to data and data archiving.