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Exploring the molecular basis of biological processes essential in health and disease

We utilize chemical principles to advance our understanding of the mechanisms of biological phenomena. High-impact basic and translational research is being performed through the integration of chemical synthesis, structural biology, biophysical chemistry, proteomics, drug discovery and state-of-the-art instrumentation. Combination of these tools and approaches facilitates exploration and modulation of processes essential in human health and disease.  See more faculty interested in this theme »


Jonathan Karty Ricardo Javier Vázquez J.P. Gerdt Jared Lewis Lyudmila Bronstein M. Kevin Brown David Clemmer Silas Cook Charles Dann III Richard DiMarchi Trevor Douglas Bogdan Dragnea Amar Flood David P. Giedroc Srinivasan S. Iyengar Stephen C. Jacobson Martha Oakley Peter Ortoleva Nicola L. B. Pohl Thomas Snaddon Megan Thielges Michael VanNieuwenhze Theodore Widlanski David R. Williams Yan Yu Jeffrey Zaleski Adam Zlotnick


Direct Fluorescent Labeling of Live Bacterial Cells

Bacterial resistance is a rapidly emerging public health threat that underscores the need for development of novel antibiotic agents with new modes of action. The bacterial cell wall has been an attractive target for the development of antibiotics, but...

International Award for HIV-1 Research

A team led by Bogdan Dragnea has been awarded a three-year research grant by the international Human Frontier Science Program for study of processes involved in the self-assembly of HIV-1. Dragnea’s approach is to understand and interfere with the stages o...

The Pursuit of Transformational Medicines

The DiMarchi laboratory has made contributions to advance discovery and development of specific drugs, such as Humulin®, Humatrope®, rGlucagon®, Humalog®, Evista® and Forteo®. The primary focus of current research is the integration of macromolecules and c...