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Macromolecular Crystallography Facility

The Macromolecular Crystallography Facility Integrated with the Crystallization Automation Facility (MCF/CAF) provide all the equipment necessary to facilitate research in all aspects of Structural Biology at Indiana University Bloomington (IUB). New instrumentation allows high throughput macromolecular crystallography using advanced robotics. Computational resources facilitate structure determination and refinement with the latest programs available. In addition, IUB is a member institution in the Molecular Biology Consortium, which allows for easy, remote synchrotron access on beamline 4.2.2 at the Advanced Light Source (ALS), a part of Lawrence Berkeley National Labs in Berkeley, California.

MCF/CAF was founded to facilitate and encourage research endeavors in structural biology and to provide centralized resources for training and education in latest crystallographic and structural biology techniques. If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact the Facility Manager, Giovanni Gonzalez-Gutierrez.