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What Is allyship?  Quoting from the NIH website blog, "when a person of privilege works in solidarity and partnership with a marginalized group of people to help take down the systems that challenge that group's basic rights, equal access, and ability to thrive in our society." - Nicole Asong Nfonoyim-Hara, the Director of the Diversity Programs at Mayo Clinic. The IU Center of Excellence for Women & Technology sends out weekly ally tips.  Sign up for their ally tips here.

Bystander Intervention

What can you do if you witness someone behaving inappropriately or dangerously towards someone nearby?  This website details the 5 D's of bystander Intervention, which are (1) Distract, (2) Delegate, (3) Document, (4) Delay, and (5) Direct (as In BE direct).

Improving Inclusion and Representation in Curricula

The "Diversity in Chemistry" site provides excellent content that you can directly integrate into your courses to improve representation of minoritized groups. As the site states: "Diversity in Chemistry is meant to change the narrative and provide a method for interjecting diversity easily into your classroom. Introducing a diverse chemist at the beginning of each class or chapter can not only heighten visibility, but hopefully provide powerful role models for students of diverse backgrounds. The website is organized by subdiscipline. In each discipline, chemists are placed in chronological order based on birth year when birth years are provided." You can also use the rubric and resource guide developed by the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management to help improve inclusion and anti-racism in your classroom.

Improving Representation in our Seminars

Likewise, the "Diversify Chemistry" site provides an extensive data base of chemists in industry and academia who you could consider inviting for seminars or whose research you could highlight in your courses.

Guides to DEI vocabulary

The vocabulary of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is extensive and often rapidly evolving. We believe it is important for all of our faculty, staff, and students to appreciate these subtleties and how they can affect individuals in our community. Toward this end, we provide links here to a number of glossaries that, together, cover a number of terms that have arisen in discussions on DEI efforts within the Department of Chemistry. Many of these contain references that provide additional background and context.

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