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April Ye

Considering the duality of a chemistry major being both challenging and beautiful, I made up my mind to study Biochemistry at IU after changing my major several times and was glad to make the right decision finally. To be honest, the chemistry courses to me are always the toughest and the most effort-required ones among all the courses each year, and I have to keep encouraging myself that success is not to choose an easy path but to insist on the path I have chosen. On the other hand, completing these challenging courses give me the greatest sense of achievement at the end of semester. Luckily, with all the resources provided by the Chemistry Department and help from the faculty I am able to pursue my intended career as a researcher step by step solidly. The most appreciative opportunity I’ve got here is the independent research project in which I learn a lot of professional skills in laboratory working with graduate students. This is exactly what I am looking for!