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What is an Undergraduate Teaching Intern?


A Chemistry Undergraduate Teaching Intern (UTIN) is an undergraduate student who assists faculty and graduate student Associate Instructors (AIs) in the teaching mission of the department. UTIN positions can be taken for credit. One credit available per 6 hours of work commitment per week, or the class can be audited for zero credit hours.

A Chemistry Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) is an undergraduate student who assists faculty and graduate student Associate Instructors (AIs), but this position differs from the UTIN in that this is a paid position. See section 1.6 of the handbook for further details.

Students interested in graduate or professional school, teaching, or management will be able to explore the attributes necessary in these careers, while learning essential transferable skills.

Assignments will include assisting in the lecture, discussion, or laboratory.

How being a UTIN will benefit your fellow students

  • You will help students understand key course concepts.
  • Depending on your role, you will be another point of contact to support student learning in lecture, discussion, lab or office hours.
  • Students will benefit from hearing how you successfully managed your studies.

How being a UTIN will benefit you.

  • You can develop a great number of essential transferable skills by working as a UTIN including communication, confidence, patience, creativity, enthusiasm, organization and multi-tasking, and conflict resolution.
  • You will be able to practice instructing, learning strategies, judgement and decision making, management, and problem solving skills among many others.
  • Review of material commonly included in the GRE and MCAT exams.
  • Opportunity for letters of recommendation.
  • Work experience that will enhance your CV.


  • Before applying to become a UTIN think carefully about the benefits to you and your future career, and whether you can balance the demands of working as a UTIN alongside your own studies.
  • TIP - Check the UTIN Handbook page for the course you would like to work in, and find out what your duties would be. Remember, each course requires up to 6 hours of work per week!