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Course Assessment and Grades


All students take Chem-X371 on a pass/fail basis and will be informed of their progress throughout the semester via discussion with their course instructor (and/or AI) and bi-semester assessments.  These assessments may be completed by the course instructor in conjunction with the graduate AI you are working with.

The standard evaluation form may be found on page 7 of the UTIN Handbook and should be reviewed prior to the beginning of the semester.

Course Assessment

  • To pass the course you will need to satisfactorily complete your duties and meet all deadlines as a UTIN in your chosen course.
  • You will also need to complete all six learning modules for the X371 parent course which include; Why and How to Serve as a UTIN, Positive First Impressions, Diversity and Inclusion, How Learning Works, Professionalism, and Active Learning.

Credit Hours

  • You can receive one credit for working as a UTIN, or you may request zero credits if this course will take you over the maximum credit hours for the flat-rate tuition fee.