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Kaustav Chatterjee

During my undergraduate days, I decided to take up graduate school and pursue a PhD degree. My decision to pursue a PhD at Indiana University (IU) in Prof. Sara E. Skrabalak’s lab has been the best. Being an international student has its own set of challenges. Still, I found a welcoming and helpful community at IU and Bloomington. At IU Chemistry, I am surrounded by researchers who are willing to take risks and think in new ways about the significant scientific challenges of our times. The department has outstanding faculty, state-of-the-art departmental facilities, and other valuable resources making it possible to carry out our innovative research. The chemistry department fosters diversity, equity, and inclusion in every possible manner. The fascinating part of the department is that hosts of alums have taken up ambitious leading roles in industry, academia, and non-traditional career paths. There are different scientific communities/clubs that one can get involved with and promote outreach activities.

Outside of research, one can enhance professional development and leadership skills and network with peers through IU’s Walter Center for Career Achievement, Career Development Symposium, the Chemistry Graduate Representative Committee, etc. The Chemistry department is very collaborative and keeps helping each other for mutual intellectual growth. I believe these bonds and experiences will remain and continue to provide highly stimulating scientific and enjoyable relations. The best part of living in Bloomington is its vibrant and thriving culture year-round. Never forget the food and numerous restaurants in town. I am a big fan of Bloomington’s incredible sunsets and hikes nearby.