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M.S. to Ph.D. Bridge Program in Chemistry

M.S. to Ph.D. Bridge Program in Chemistry

Students completing the requirements for the Bridge Program will receive a M.S. degree that can facilitate transition into a job or Ph.D. program, with seamless alignment into our Ph.D. program at the end of year 2. This program is in partnership with the American Chemical Society’s Bridge Program, which aims to increase the number of underrepresented minority students achieving advanced degrees in chemistry and chemical engineering.

Financial support for the program is typically in the form of a fellowship. Year 1 is focused on building foundational knowledge through coursework and identification of a research advisor and project. Coursework continues in year 2, with greater emphasis on research. A research thesis completes the M.S. degree, although this requirement may be waived if the individual transitions into our Ph.D. Program. Personalized mentor-ship, tutoring, and professional development opportunities are provided.

Admissions Requirements

Applicants apply directly to the ACS Bridge Program at their website (; however, interested students are encouraged to contact our Chemistry Graduate Program Coordinator (email link) to notify us of interest in the program.

Degree Requirements

The M.S. degree requires completion of 30 credit hours minimum (major courses + research credit) as well as completion of a capstone project (research thesis). For seamless transition into our Ph.D. program at the 5th semester, the following requirements should be met.

  • 12 credit hours completed in major area courses
  • 6 credit hours in minor area courses
  • Completion of general program course (C500 at 6 credits, C505 at 1 credit, and X800 seminar at 2 credits)
  • Completion of additional research credits until minimum credit hours are met
  • Completion of capstone project (thesis)

Please note that the thesis requirement can be waived with permission of the Bridge Program Coordinator should its completion be a hindrance to transition into the Ph.D. program.

A Degree Program Checklist is available.