The Chemistry Department offers a number of awards to recognize graduate student achievements in research and teaching. Nominations are requested in early spring from Chemistry Faculty.

E. Campaigne C500 Introduction to Research Award — This award is given each year to a graduate student who, in the preceding academic year, did the most outstanding work in Chemistry C500.

Jack K. Crandall Award in Organic Chemistry — This award was established in 2003 through the generosity of former students in recognition of Professor Crandall’s contributions to the department.  These include service both as Graduate Advisor (9 times) and Associate Chair (1997-2001).

Henry R. Mahler Memorial Award — This award is given to an advanced student beyond the fifth-semester examination who has done outstanding thesis research in biochemistry. The award is to honor the late Professor Mahler who was associated with the department from 1955 until his death in July 1983.

William H. Nebergall Memorial Award — This award is devoted specifically for research in inorganic chemistry. The award is to honor the late Professor Nebergall, who was associated with the department from 1947 until his death in 1978.

Wendell P. Metzner Memorial Award — This award is devoted specifically for research in organic chemistry. The award is to honor the late Dr. Metzner, who received his AB in this department in 1933. He spent his entire career at Monsanto Company working in research and development. He frequently returned to Bloomington for Homecoming events and helped recruit faculty members and student athletes for IU.

Felix Haurowitz Award — This award is given to an advanced graduate student with the best overall performance leading up to and including the fifth-semester review. The award honors Dr. Haurowitz, a pioneer in the study of blood proteins, who became a member of the faculty in 1948 and remained active in research to within a year of his death in 1987 at the age of 91.

Associate Instructor Awards — Because of the recognized importance of Associate Instructors in undergraduate education, the Chemistry Department offers these awards to reward and encourage excellence in the performance of Associate Instructors. To be eligible, Associate Instructors must have finished two complete semesters of teaching for which evaluation is available. The two semesters need not be consecutive.

John H. and Dorothy McKenzie Scholarship — This award was established in 1998 by John and Dorothy McKenzie acknowledging their appreciation of the fine education John earned in the Department of Chemistry and may be given at either the graduate or undergraduate level. John received his B.A. in 1932 and M.A. in 1934; he was vice president of research and manufacturing at the United Carbon Co. and later chair and CEO of Agritec Co., an agricultural manufacturing company he founded in 1972.

David A. Rothrock. Jr., Chemistry Scholarship/Fellowship — This award was established by David A. Rothrock Jr. (B.A. & M.A. 1932) who was one of two chemistry alumni who received Distinquished Alumni Service Award recognitions in 1990. Four generations of the Rothrock family have been associated with Indiana University.

Indiana University Awards

Nominees compete with graduate students from other departments on campus for these awards. If you think you may be qualified for one of these awards, bring it to your advisor’s attention. These awards usually require a nomination from within the department. If you have questions, please contact the Chemistry Graduate Office.

College of Arts and Sciences Dissertation Year Research Fellowships — For the most outstanding M.F.A. or Ph.D. candidates. These fellowships enable advanced students to engage in focused work leading to the completion of their dissertations or thesis projects.

The John H. Edwards Fellowship — This award is one of Indiana University’s most prestigious academic awards. In accordance with the bequest, this fellowship will be awarded on the following basis: Good citizenship, character, especially attitude toward public service and the likelihood of future usefulness to society, scholastic ability, intellectual capacity, and upon such other bases and qualifications, and in such manner, as the Trustees of Indiana University in their discretion and judgment may determine from time to time, but always without regard to consideration of religion, creed, race, national origin, color, sex, or political affiliation.

Esther L. Kinsley Master’s Thesis and PhD Dissertation Awards — These awards are made possible through a bequest to the IU Foundation by Esther L. Kinsley, a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Indiana University who taught civics, history, and economics at Shelbyville High School for 40 years. The award committee will consider such criteria as originality, documentation, significance, accuracy, organization, and style. Nominees must have received their Master’s degree during the previous academic year or their PhD during the previous calendar year. The deadline for nominations are October 1 for Master’s degree and March 1 for PhD.

McCormick Science Grant Fund — These awards are made possible by a contribution from Dr. Charles O. McCormick III to support basic science research, and is intended to honor Dr. McCormick’s grandfather and father. Two grants will be awarded each year to the graduate student member of a faculty/graduate student team whose research, either in progress or proposed, is judged to be the most creative, visionary, and innovative. The disciplines of astronomy, biology, biochemistry, botany, chemistry, geological sciences, microbiology, physics, and zoology will be eligible to submit one nominee each per year.