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Bingqing Zhao

As an international student, I am very pleased with my decision to pursue PhD studies at Indiana University after completing a M.S. in Chemistry at California State University, Los Angeles. I am very impressed by the cutting-edge research led by renowned professors who are approachable and encouraging. They inspire and direct your research, and leave you the freedom to try your own ideas. The chemistry department also provides many analytical tools, including a well-maintained state-of-the-art Mass Spectrometry Facility with an enthusiastic and accessible staff.

Bloomington is a peaceful college town with a rich artsy environment. The town offers a diverse selection of food, including great international cuisine options that have well-satisfied my Chinese taste buds. Bloomington also has various opportunities for recreation, such as numerous state parks which are open for hiking, site-seeing, and even camping. With all of these amenities, Bloomington has been a great home for my graduate studies.