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Health Insurance

Anthem is the provider of the 2018-2019 IU Mandatory Student Health Insurance Plan.  The plan has been designed to provide high quality coverage at an affordable price. Please take a moment to review this information which outlines the plan provisions and important deadline dates.

Student Health Insurance Plan Brochure

Student Dental Insurance Plan Brochure


Student Academic Appointees (SAAs): 37.5% FTE or greater for a semester or longer
Fellowship Recipients: Award of $3,718 or greater per semester


No enrollment is necessary for SAA students.


Waivers are permitted with proof of comparable insurance coverage.  A waiver form must be completed for each semester.  Waiver forms are available at and filed with the Office of Academic Personnel Policies and Services.

ID Cards

Anthem will be sending an ID card to all certified participants.

Please read the plan brochure carefully to understand the services that the Plan covers. Remember, no insurance plan covers 100% of all medical costs. However, the Student Health Insurance Plan offered through the University offers comprehensive coverage at an affordable cost. In addition, by using the IU Student Health Center, you can substantially reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. For clinic visits at the IU Health Center, you are not required to pay the annual deductible or co-payment. You will be required to pay the charge for all services received at the time of service, or defer the charge to your Bursar’s Account, and will be given a bill to submit for possible reimbursement. The IU Health Center, located at the corner of Tenth and Jordan (diagonally across from the Main Library) offers a wide range of services to IU students, spouses, and eligible dependents (12 years old and up).