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UTIN Application Form

Points to Consider

Before completing the application form you must take into account the following points;

  • You can only work in one course as a UTIN for a maximum of 1 credit.
  • You may name up to two courses in your application form in case you are not selected for your first choice of class.
  • Think carefully about the classes you select. Only choose a class or classes that you are fully willing to work in.
  • You should have previously taken the class you volunteer to work in and ideally gained at least a grade of A-.
  • If you later change your mind about your choice of classes you may go back in to the application and reapply with your new choice(s).
  • You will need to be patient when waiting to hear about whether you have been chosen to work as a UTIN. Final decisions may not be made until one to two weeks before the start of the semester.

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UTIN Application Form