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Jonathan Karty

Senior Scientist


Chem A416

Mass Spectrometry Facility



Jonathan Karty received his B.S. degree in Chemistry at Purdue University in 1996. While there he studied photocatalysis on solid titania by solid-state NMR with Professor M. Daniel Raftery. Jonathan earned his Ph.D. degree in Analytical Chemistry in 2004 here at IU under the direction of Professor James Reilly. While working with Dr. Reilly, Jon elucidated the proteins constituting the stalk assembly of Caulobacter crescentus (in collaboration with Prof. Yves Brun in Biology), assisted in developing a software package to incorporate the sequence information obtained from guanidination of lysine residues to interpret peptide mass fingerprint data, and constructed a two-dimensional liquid chromatograph for separating complex mixtures prior to QTOF MS.

Dr. Karty became a research associate and manager of the Mass Spectrometry Facility in 2004 and brought a renewed energy to the laboratory. Jonathan and his colleagues advance IU research projects with three important ways. First, they provide high quality accurate mass spectrometry analyses for the research faculty in the department. This often requires finding new techniques for generating stable, intact molecular ions of labile species. Second, the MSF teaches graduate students and research fellows the practice of modern mass spectrometry so they may utilize the many mass spectrometers available for 24 hour walk-up use. Finally, Dr. Karty assists students and faculty in designing the analytical portions of many research projects. From 2010-2012 Dr. Karty also served as the Interim Director for the METACyt Biochemical Analysis Center housed in the department.