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James H. Rudy Professor Sara Skrabalak’s research on security-related applications of nanomaterials to be featured by the IU Newsroom

January 11, 2019

Sara Skrabalak’s work to precisely control inorganic nanomaterials could strengthen security on electronics and other products.

Sara Skrabalak is the James H. Rudy Professor of Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry within the College of Arts and Sciences at Indiana University Bloomington. She, David Crandall and Martin Swany are among the IU researchers whose work is being advanced through the Indiana Innovation Institute, or IN3.

IN3, a statewide applied research institute, is composed of top leaders from academia, government and industry. It seeks to solve real-world problems that impact industry and the U.S. Department of Defense in a faster, more efficient and cost-effective way. Currently, it is engaged in projects focused on trusted microelectronics, hypersonics, electro-optics and target machine learning.

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