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ACS National Historic Chemical Landmark

On April 4, 2024, an ACS National Historic Chemical Landmark will be dedicated at our Chemistry building in recognition of the development of stannous fluoride chemistry that led to the development and commercialization of Crest toothpaste. This will include a permanent plaque in our building.

IUB Chemistry will host a scientific symposium on the same day that will be open to the public. The goal of the symposium is to enhance the scientific impact of this dedication event, especially for our current students, to feel a connection with the important chemical research of the past, present, and future in our Department. 

Symposium Speakers:
Veronique Gouverneur, Oxford University
Beate Koksch, University of Berlin
Thomas Lectka, Johns Hopkins University
Doug Stephan, University of Toronto
Silas Cook, Indiana University
Nikki Pohl, Indiana University
Dave Williams, Indiana University 

The landmark dedication ceremony will be presided over by 2024 ACS President Mary Carroll, an alumna of our Department. We will also have representatives from Proctor & Gamble in attendance, as well as leadership from IU. 

In addition, there will be special outreach activities at the IU ScienceFest on Saturday, April 6th, 2024 (scheduled in proximity to the solar eclipse in Bloomington on April 8th).