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Abiotic & Biotic Assembly

Introducing the Abiotic and Biotic Assembly working group!

We seek to bring together research groups with mutual interests in the favored self-assembly of specific structure and functional architectures. We seek to create a united dialog and research agenda on self-assembly and self-organization from the fields of physical and analytical chemistry, organic and inorganic materials, modeling and simulation, and virology.

Membership of the Assembly working group is initially drawn from the Departments of Chemistry (Douglas, Dragnea, Flood, Jacobson, Jarrold, Raghavachari, Skrabalak, Tait), Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry (Zlotnick), and Biology (Danthi, Hardy, Kearns, Mukhopadhyay).

Graduate students and postdoctoral scientists from Assembly laboratories will have regular opportunities to give informal presentations to the group, focused on their own work as well as cutting-edge advances by others in these fields. The meetings provide an interactive environment for students, postdocs and faculty to discuss research advances and to develop new research initiatives in abiotic and biotic assembly, encouraging interdisciplinary engagement and collaboration.