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BOX Will Vanish, Safety Moments, Fall Semester Considerations, Scheduling A Vaccine

March 31, 2021

BOX Will Vanish

IMPORTANT:  Any files you still have left on BOX will vanish on 10 May.  Some of your files will have been migrated already, but if you have shared folders with collaborators, be aware that these might not be automatically migrated. Please migrate and back-up anything you have left on BOX.

Safety Moments

For those of you hosting seminars, please remember to include a safety moment at the beginning (presented by either the host or a student in the area of the seminar).  Jon Karty can help with content.

Fall Semester Considerations

Considering that the university is defaulting to in-person courses for the coming fall, we can consider inviting speakers for in-person seminars, with the caveat that they would have to switch to virtual if conditions take a turn for the worse.  For distinguished or named lectureships, which generally take longer to schedule, we should consider extending in-person invitations starting now.

Scheduling A Vaccine

Everyone over the age of 16 can schedule a vaccine starting 31 March 2021 (tomorrow), as detailed in the attached email.