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13 Chemistry Faculty honored with the Bicentennial Medal

October 29, 2020

The Bicentennial Medal is awarded to organizations and individuals who, through their personal, professional, artistic, or philanthropic efforts, have broadened the reach of Indiana University around the state, nation, and world. The medals themselves are unique, made from materials salvaged from the old bells which hung in the Student Building on the IU Bloomington campus, giving recipients a lasting piece of IU history. The Bicentennial Medal honors distinguished and distinctive service, broadly defined, in support of Indiana University's mission as a public university, individuals who have enlarged the footprint of IU, or have helped to put IU on the map in unique ways. Those receiving the Bicentennial Medal should be seen as models for future students, faculty, alumni, and organizations to emulate as IU enters its third century.

Website for 2020 Award Honoree List

  1. Ken Caulton
  2. David Clemmer
  3. Richard DiMarchi
  4. David Giedroc
  5. Gary Hieftje
  6. Milos Novotny
  7. Peter Ortoleva
  8. Charles Parmenter
  9. Nikki Pohl
  10. Krishnan Raghavachari
  11. Allen Siedle
  12. Victor Viola
  13. David Williams