Indiana University Bloomington Indiana University Bloomington IU Bloomington

Research Faculty

Veronica Siedle Associate Professor


Energy, Synthesis, Catalysis

Distinguished Professor
Professor and Robert & Marjorie Mann Chair

Analytical, Physical

Life, Analysis

Adjunct Professor, Physics

Materials, Physical

Energy, Life

Dorothy & Edward Bair Chair


Life, Analysis, Origins

Class of 1948 Herman B Wells Endowed Professor
Adjunct Professor, Physics

Inorganic, Materials, Physical

Energy, Catalysis

Distinguished Professor and Robert & Marjorie Mann Chair

Analytical, Materials, Physical

Analysis, Origins

Professor and Joan & Marvin Carmack Chair, Associate Dean of Natural and Mathematical Sciences

Analytical, Chemical Biology, Organic

Life, Synthesis

Associate Professor (SPEA),
Adjunct Professor (Chemistry)

Analytical, Physical

Analysis, Origins, Catalysis

James H. Rudy Professor and Robert & Marjorie Mann Chair

Inorganic, Materials, Physical

Energy, Synthesis, Origins, Catalysis

Department Chair and Professor

Materials, Physical

Energy, Origins, Catalysis