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Robert Pepin

Assistant Scientist


Chem A416


AnalyticalChemical BiologyPhysical

Rob Pepin holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Physics and Chemistry.  He earned a Master’s and PhD at the University of Washington under Professor Frantisek Turecek studying the mechanism of electron based fragmentations of peptides in the gas phase environment of a mass spectrometer.  He then pursued post doctoral studies in the University of Washington School of Medicine under Professor Daniel Raftery utilizing mass spectrometry based techniques to perform targeted metabolomics on samples derived from various biological matrices.

Dr. Pepin maintains active collaborations across the IU system including with PIs located at IU Northwest, IU Kokomo, IU Medical School, IUPUI as well as the departments of Chemistry, Biology and the Schools of Public Health and Optometry on the Bloomington Campus. He is always interested in broadening his experience, so please reach out if you have a problem which mass spectrometry might possibly help to solve.