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Jill Robinson

Jill Robinson

Teaching Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies

(812) 855-6601

Chem A114

Teaching Activities

Jill Robinson came to Indiana University in 2002 and is a Senior Lecturer. She has a B.S. in Chemistry from Truman State University and a Ph.D. in Analytical and Atmospheric chemistry from the University of Colorado -Boulder. Her graduate research with Professor John Birks and Professor Kathy Rowlen involved the development of a portable chemiluminescence instrument for measuring nitric oxide (NO) in the atmosphere and human breath. The instrument was patented for use in asthma clinics as a tool to evaluate the effectiveness of asthma medications.

She teaches courses in general, analytical, and environmental chemistry and has been honored with several teaching awards including the President's Award for Distinguished Teaching at Indiana University. She presents at national conferences in the area of chemical education and is a participant in a National Science Foundation Grant to develop active learning materials for analytical chemistry. She is a co-author on a widely used general chemistry textbook: Chemistry, McMurry, Fay, and Robinson, 7th Ed., Pearson Education (2015). She enjoys chemistry outreach and has developed teacher workshops for strengthening understanding of state science standards and the new field of nanoscience. She serves as a faculty advisor for student organizations such as Indiana University Dance Marathon and enjoys mentoring student athletes.