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Undergraduate Program Courses

These are the courses that are using course websites for this term. If your course is not on the list, please check Canvas or ask your professor.

A315 Chemical Measurements Laboratory

Laboratory experiments involve the application of analytical techniques and instrumentation to chemical analysis of biological samples. Methods include spectroscopy, immunoassays, chromatography, electrophoresis, and mass spectrometry. Credit given for only one of A316 or A315. Course Resources Syllabus
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C341 Organic Chemistry I Lectures

Chemistry of carbon compounds. Nomenclature; qualitative theory of valence; structure and reactions. Syntheses and reactions of major classes of monofunctional compounds. Credit given for only one of C341, S341, or R340. Welcome to C341, Summer 2017! Please come to this website for all of the class handouts and information. On this page, I will post…
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C344 Organic Chemistry II Laboratory

Preparation, isolation, and identification of organic compounds; emphasis on modern research methods.
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C383 Human Biochemistry

Introduction to macromolecular structure, central metabolism, and chemical basis of biological information flow. Credit given for only one of C383 or C483
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C460 Nuclear Chemistry

Fundamentals of nuclear behavior; nuclear properties, radioactive decay, and nuclear reactions; applications of nuclear phenomena, biological effects of radiation, nuclear analytical techniques, tracers, radioisotope dating, nuclear power, and the origin of the chemical elements.
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C483 Biological Chemistry

Introduction to structure, chemical properties, and interrelationships of biological substances. Credit given for only one of C483 or C484-C485.
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C485 Biosynthesis and Physiology

Biosynthetic pathways, expression of genetic information, molecular physiology. Credit given for only one of C484-C485 or C483.
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S343 Organic Chemistry I Laboratory, Honors

Special course for students with unusually good aptitude or preparation, covering same subject matter as C343. Credit given for only one of S343 or C343.
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