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Biophysics & Structural Biology

Introducing the Biophysics and Structural Biology (BSB) working group! BSB seeks to bring research groups with interests in macromolecular structure, molecular biophysics, physical virology and physical biology together to discuss the latest advances in these interconnected fields.

BSB faculty are drawn from the Departments of Chemistry (Clemmer, Dann, Dragnea, Douglas, Giedroc, Oakley, Thielges, Yu), Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry (Bell, Chen, Ressl, Zlotnick), Biology (Mukhopadhyay, Shaw), Physics (Setayeshgar) and the School of Informatics and Computing (Radivojac).

Graduate students and postdoctoral scientists from BSB laboratories will have regular opportunities to give informal presentations to the group, focused on their own work as well as cutting-edge advances by others in these fields.