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Are the faculty listed on the REU website the only participating faculty or can I work with another faculty member in the chemistry department?

The application contains an “Other” option where you may list any faculty member from the chemistry department. Please address why you would like to work with this faculty member in your personal statement. We recommend contacting non-listed faculty members prior to applying to determine their willingness to host you if selected for the REU.

Is family housing available?

Yes, family housing is available. If accepted to the program, please notify REU assistant at immediately after to secure a spot.

Will students without previous research experience be favored over ones that do have previous experience?

Prior research experience is viewed favorably by the admissions committee; however, students with strong academic records but no prior research experience are also strongly encouraged to apply. Such applicants should discuss how their coursework and interests prepare them for research.

Do I have to have completed organic chemistry to participate in this REU?

No. Organic chemistry is not required. Please see eligibility requirements with the application. In your essay, please state how your coursework, experiences, and interests prepare you for this REU.

Is it possible for me to participate in the REU if I can’t attend at the beginning/end of the program due to overlap with my college’s term schedule?

We realize that the calendars at some schools are shifted relative to IU’s calendar and our REU program. If selected for the program, we ask that you participate in at least eight weeks of the program. Depending on your arrival and departure dates, we may have to prorate some of your compensation (e.g., stipend). In general, we anticipate that maximized participation will provide the greatest benefit for all involved.

I am from a research focused institution, will my application still be considered for the REU program?

Yes, we consider all applications fully and have had a number of students from research intensive institutions in the past. Just make sure if you are from such an institution to discuss in your personal statement how the REU experience will provide something unique from what you could get at your current institution.

Can I ask an AI or TA to write my reference letter?

It’s preferred that they come from the faculty or instructor in charge of the course although letters from TAs will be accepted if the others are unavailable.