International Award for HIV-1 Research

A team led by Bogdan Dragnea has been awarded a three-year research grant by the international Human Frontier Science Program for study of processes involved in the self-assembly of HIV-1. Dragnea’s approach is to understand and interfere with the stages of the virus life cycle by gaining knowledge of the structural properties of virus assembly intermediates. Dragnea’s project, “Physical principles in the self-assembly of immature HIV-1 particles,” will examine assemblies, such as the one shown in the figure of HIV 1 Gag proteins assembling on the surface of a gold sphere. The research team includes groups led by Alan Rein of the National Cancer Institute in Frederick, Md., Paul Van der Schoot of the University of Twente in Netherlands and Dmitri I. Svergun of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Hamburg, Germany.

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Bogdan Dragnea

Provost Professor