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Interfacing Functional Molecules with Electrodes

Professors Steve Tait and Amar Flood are collaborating on a new project aimed at ordering and interfacing electronically active molecules on surfaces — the figure shows a pattern where the periodicity and translational order are those of a crystal, albeit in two dimensions. Here, the rules that must be followed when molecules self-assemble with each other in this way are just being discovered. With the potential for interfacing with technologically relevant electrodes, it is the synergistic collaboration between Flood’s group, who make the molecules, and Tait’s group, who analyze the assembled pattern, that allows active design of new molecules to probe and manipulate the rules of self-assembly. In so doing, the assembly protocols are road-tested and new materials can be created.

Hear more: “Phase Transitions in Organic Crescents at Liquid-Graphite Interfaces,” Brandon E. Hirsch, Kevin P. McDonald, Amar H. Flood and Steve L. Tait, Fall ACS National Meeting, Philadelphia, 2012

Amar Flood

James F. Jackson Professor of Chemistry

Materials, Organic, Physical

Steven L. Tait

Professor & Associate Director of the Electron Microscopy Center

Materials, Physical