Research Divisions

Developing a Detailed Understanding of Bacterial Cell Wall Biosynthetic Pathways

Research in the VanNieuwenhze lab is focused on developing a detailed understanding of bacterial cell wall biosynthetic pathways and how peptide antibiotics may inhibit these processes. Toward this end, our current research focuses on two distinct aspects of antibiotic research: (1) We are developing methods for covalent modification of bacterial cell surfaces with small molecule probes for use in cellular imaging, diagnostics development, and potential therapeutic applications, and (2) we are actively carrying out synthetic studies on novel peptide antibiotics that interfere with peptidoglycan biosynthesis in an effort to uncover the relationship(s) between molecular structure, biological activity, and antibiotic mode-of-action.

Michael VanNieuwenhze

Standiford H. Cox Professor of Chemistry

Chemical Biology, Organic