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Understanding and Controlling the Nucleation and Growth of Inorganic Materials to Achieve Nanostructures with Defined Size

A long standing challenge in chemistry is to understand and subsequently control the nucleation and growth of inorganic materials to achieve nanostructures with defined size, shape, and composition. Achieving control over these features via synthesis is integral to observing, studying, and manipulating the structure-function relationships of solids. The Skrabalak Laboratory is developing new synthetic strategies which provide such control. This research is coupled with detailed analysis of the chemical processes involved in material synthesis and the development of new methods which capture the transitions between molecular, nanoscale, and bulk materials. We seek to demonstrate the utility of nanomaterials with optimized properties for applications in catalysis, photocatalysis, chemical sensing, and environmental remediation.

Sara E. Skrabalak

James H. Rudy Professor

Inorganic, Materials, Physical