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Seminar Information

Important Points Relating to All Seminars

Time slots assigned to each discipline are controlled by that respective discipline. Use by another discipline can only be approved by the respective faculty coordinator/secretary of that slot. When scheduling a seminar during one of the slots listed below, please contact the corresponding person.

Seminar Coordinator

Chemistry C121

Weekly seminar Schedule

Day Room Time Discipline Coordinator
Monday C033 3:00 Organic Stacy Felton (A350)
Tuesday C033
Analytical (C121) (C121)
Wednesday C033
seminar (any area)
Colloquium (C121) (C121)
Thursday C033
Physical (C121) (C121)
Friday C033 3:00 Biochemistry

Room reservations (for rooms C001, C033, and C122) cover the periods during the fall and spring semesters. Please see the Seminar Coordinator about scheduling your seminar during the summer or outside of the designated slots listed above. No seminars can be scheduled during exam week.

Online Calendar: All seminars that have been confirmed are to be included in the departmental web calendar. (See below for more information how to do this).

Reserving a Room for a Seminar or outside of the regular seminar schedule: If you want to reserve a meeting room within Chemistry (room C127, C225, C311, A300, A400, or A500), contact Dalane Anderson ( or Kayse Ehinger ( Also, if you want to reserve a classroom outside of the times above, contact Dalane Anderson ( or Kayse Ehinger ( Do not contact the Registrar’s Office.

External Seminars (Visiting Speakers)

Regarding invited speakers, the research secretary assigned to each professor will handle the visitor’s travel arrangements (visitors should purchase their own flight) and the visit schedule. Duty distribution varies in the case of student hosted seminars.

To schedule a date, contact the secretary in charge of the discipline’s slot to find out which dates are available. As soon as a date has been determined, information should be sent to and submitted to the Chemistry Events online calendar.

Each discipline should invite no more than 5 speakers each school year.

The Colloquium Committee should be consulted before scheduling a Distinguished seminar, and coordination should be shared with the Chair’s Office.

For all Distinguished/Wednesday Seminars in C122: An ITG rep will set up the AV needs. The Business Office must be informed by the host (or his/her research secretary) of the specific AV needs to ensure that set-up will go smoothly.

Internal Seminars (Staff, Students, Affiliates at IU)

Student Seminars:
  • To schedule your qualifying exam or exit seminar, please contact the Chemistry Graduate Office.
Other Internal Seminars, Symposia, Workshops, Etc.
  • Even if the event does not take place in the Chemistry Building or during regular seminar times, faculty/organizers should contact the discipline coordinator and the Seminar Coordinator to see about date availability and rule out conflicts with other seminars.
  • The event should be submitted to the Chemistry Events online calendar, like any seminar, unless enrollment is limited.
How to Add Your Event to the Chemistry Events Online Calendar and TWIC (This Week in Chemistry)
  • All seminars that have been confirmed are to be included in the departmental web calendar. Provide seminar commitments to the Seminar Coordinator ( as soon as seminars have been confirmed.
  • Required information includes: day, date, time, room number, speaker, discipline/area, institution, department, and host.
  • Titles can be added later from the TWIC information provided to the Seminar Coordinator the week prior to the seminar.
  • Confirmed seminars can be submitted through the Event Calendar.
  • An Event may be submitted with the seminar Title listed as TBA. Titles should be sent to NO LATER than the Tuesday of the WEEK BEFORE the seminar date.
Distribution of Abstracts and Miscellaneous Seminar Announcements
  • Send the announcement to or to the secretary of the faculty hosting the event.
  • All seminar announcements will be distributed to the BL-CHEM-Seminars distribution list.
  • Abstract/Flyer template