Chemical Notations

October 9, 2017


Distinguished Professor Gary Hieftje has been named recipient of the SAB award. This award recognizes
that his paper “Local cooling, plasma reheating and thermal pinching induced by single aerosol
droplets injected into an ICP” was selected as the best paper published in the Elsevier journal Spectrochimca
Acta, Part B, in calendar year 2016.

Important Information From ITG

Mobile Device Security Standard Policy IT-12.1  

The use of mobile devices, including personally-owned devices, to access university information has become pervasive.  Although this use fosters increased convenience and productivity, mobile devices and the information stored on them and accessed from them are at increased risk of inappropriate exposure due to loss or theft.  Therefore, to mitigate this risk, additional safeguards must be applied to mobile devices used to access university information.

Please be aware of Mobile Device Security Standard Policy IT-12.1

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