Electron Microscopy Center

The Electron Microscopy Center has instrumentation in both Myers Hall (room 040) and Simon Hall (room 032), and a staff with over 70 years combined experience in various aspects of biological and materials science electron microscopy. The facility houses two transmission electron microscopes (TEM’s) and a scanning electron microscope (SEM).

The JEOL 1010 (100 kV) TEM is our workhorse TEM and is useful for samples that require moderate magnifications (below 100,000x) and simple imaging or electron diffraction studies. The JEOL 3200FS (300 kV) TEM can operate at higher magnifications and with higher resolution, and is equiped with various additional detectors for analytical electron microscopy. The 3200FS also has specimen holders that allow it to perfrom cryo-imaging and tomography of both room temperature and cryo samples. The JEOL 5800LV SEM is a moderate resolution SEM that can operate under both high and low vacuum conditions. It also has a very large specimen chamber that can hold up to 7 conventional SEM samples, or a single object as large as 20 cm (8 inches) in diameter.In addition to the imaging instrumentation, the EMC also houses equipment for various types of sample preparation. This includes two plunge freezers for cryoTEM grid preparation, a new high pressure freezer and freeze substitution device for preparing various types of cells and tissue, a critical point dryer and sputter coater for SEM samples and several ultramicrotomes. In addition to these resources, the EMC also handles the archiving of digital images collected with our instruments and supports a variety of computational resources for image processing and analysis.