Chemistry Directory

Please see the Chemistry Offices and Services Directory for administrative support and research secretaries detailed listing.  For additional people searches, see the IU Bloomington Find People.

Name Room Phone Email
Ye, Xingchen A361 812-855-6011
Yi, Yi C307
Yin, Minyang A311
Young, Tanner
Yu, Yan A608 812-855-0593
Yu, Yanqi A611 812-855-0593
Yu, Yuanchen S039F 812-856-1594
Zahedian, Maryam C234 812-856-1243
Zaleski, Jeff C263C 812-855-2134
Zeng, Xuyao
Zhang, Fa A567
Zhang, Mi S034 812-856-1594
Zhang, Yifan S310 812-856-6398
Zhang, Yixiang S115B 812-855-6462
Zhang, Yujin A560
Zhang, Zhichao S109B 812-855-6462
Zhang, Zihan A620 812-855-0593
Zhao, Bingqing A265 812-856-7912
Zhao, Wei S008A 812-855-1780
Zhong, Yaxu A362
Zhou, Xiaomei S039 812-856-1594
Zhou, Xuemei A117
Zhu, Cheng A612 812-856-1873
Zubi, Yasmine S010