FREE departmental tutoring for all general and organic chemistry courses is offered each fall and spring semester on Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays from 6:45 p.m. to 9:45 p.m. in CH046 (except for the first week of the semester, final exam week, and the weeks of Thanksgiving and Spring Break).

During the Fall 2014 Semester Alpha Chi Sigma (AXE) will be offering free tutoring to supplement the departmental tutoring on Tuesdays from 6pm-8pm in CH046.

The table below also lists the graduate students and advanced undergraduates who are willing to tutor undergraduates in chemistry courses for pay. You may contact these tutors to make arrangements regarding when to meet and payment. Some tutors may be willing to tutor groups; if you have a study partner or group that would like to work with a tutor, we encourage you to ask about this possibility.  We suggest an hourly rate of $10-12/hour for undergraduate tutors and $15/hour for graduate student tutors, although you can come to any pricing agreement with your tutor by negotiation.  We do not set any pricing structure, but solely offer the interface for you to find tutors here.

If you have any problems or complaints about a tutor, please contact the Chemistry Undergraduate Office by email. Click here.

2014 Tutor List (Updated 08/14)


Name Courses/Subjects* Email (
grace alexander C341 graalexa
muhammad salah alhamda c117, c341 malhamda
Michael Andreas C117, C341, C342 mandreas
Chris Benson C101, C103, C117 benson
andrew bertagna c341 abertagn
connor blake c117, c127, c341 coblake
Sara Brandt

C100, C101/C122, C102/C122,

C103, C117, C118

sean brockman c103, c117, c341 seabrock
carly chappell c341 carchapp
DOug crandell c100, c101/121, c102/122, c103, c117, n330 dowcrand
Elise Dennis C100, C101, C103, C117, C121 eadennis
tai do c103, c117, c341, c342, c343 taido
megan doyle c117, c341 mddoyle
Beverly Falodun c341 tfalodun
daniel Haywood c101, c103, c117, s117 dghaywoo
Joanna hogan c103, C117/127, S117, n330 joahogan
Jordan Hyde C103, C117, C127, C118, C341 jthyde
Alli James c117, c127, c341 allijame
bailey johnson c341 banijohn
Victoria Kneller C100, C101/121, C102/122, C103, C117/127, C341, C342, N330, C430, C483 vkneller
julia kovalenko c341 julikova
Luke Kurowski C100, C101, C103, C117, S117, C118, C121, C341, S342, C342, C343, S343, R340, C484 ltkurows
roshan lamichhane c100, c101/121, c102/122, c103, c117/127, s117, c341, c343, s343 roshlami
Sarah Lindahl N330, C430 slindahl
adam lottes c341 allottes
Kenneth Lowe C341, C342 kenlowe
shivanth mazumder c100, c101/121, c102/122, c103, c341. c342, N330, C360 smazumde
Evan Mazurkiewicz C341 emazurki
megan mcdonald c341 megamcdo
Hailey Meyer c341 haimeyer
jessica moll c341 jemoll
hannah moore c117, c341 hamimoor
gabe nagy c103 nagyg
obi nwosu c341 obinwosu
Troy oracko c117, c341 tmoracko
Michelle Penman C341, C342 mpenman
Alyssa pirinelli C341, C342, S342, C343, S343, R340, C484 alypirin
andjela radmilovic c101, c121, c102, c122, c103, c117, s117, c341, a315, n330, c430 aradmilo
Cassie rainesalo c103 crainesa
chris rasik c341, c342, s342, c343, s343, c446 crasik
ariana sedaghat c341 ariaseda
Christian Sikoski C341 csikoski
Aulaire Schmitz C341, C342, S341, and S342 schmitza
nathan sharkey c103, c117, c341 nsharkey
Kelsey smith c341, c342, C343 kas4
christa snyder c101, c103, c117, s117 snyder36
brian towell c101, c103, c117, s117, c118, c121 bbtowell
Allie Vickman c342 avickman
Rebecca Weiner C103, C117, C118 rgweiner
Xu Yang c100, c101, c103, c117, s117, c118, c121, c341. c342, c343 yx3


If you have any questions, e-mail chemound @, call 855-2700, or stop by the Undergraduate Office in Chemistry021.

* What are these courses?

C100 - The World as Chemistry
C101 - Elementary Chemistry
C121 - Elementary Chemistry lab
C103 - Intro. to Chemical Principles
C117 - Principles of Chemistry and Biochemistry 1
S117 - Honors Principles of Chemistry and Biochemistry 1
C118 - Principles of Chemistry and Biochemistry 2
C243 - Supplemental General Chemistry
A314 - Biological and Environmental Chem. Analysis
A315 - Chemical Measurements Laboratory
A316 - Bioanalytical Chemistry Lab
C318 - Spectrochem and Separations
N330 - Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry
R340 - Survey of Organic Chemistry
C341 - Organic Lecture 1
S341 - Honors Organic Lecture 1
C342 - Organic Lecture 2
S342 - Honors Organic Lecture 2
C343 - Organic Lab 1
S343 - Honors Organic Lab 1
C344 - Organic Lab 2
C360 - Intro to Physical Chemistry
C361 - Physical Chemistry of Bulk Matter
C362 - Physical Chemistry of Molecules
C430 - Inorganic Chemistry
C443 - Organic Spectroscopy
C460 - Nuclear Chemistry
C471 - Chemical Informatics
C483 - Biological Chemistry
C484 - Biomolecules and Catabolism
C485 - Biosynthesis and Physiology
C481 - Physical Biochemistry