The Department of Chemistry at Indiana University currently has 36 full-time research faculty and 5 full-time teaching faculty who teach our undergraduate curriculum. Our department is committed to students gaining chemistry knowledge and learning how to problem-solving throughout our curriculum, and we offer a range of courses and opportunities that provide this framework. Curricular developments and teaching facility enhancements continue on a regular basis in our department.

Our department offers four degrees, a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees in both Biochemistry and Chemistry, as well as a minor in Chemistry. Both B.S. degrees are certified by the American Chemical Society (ACS) and prepare students well for either graduate school or industrial positions. Usually, the B.A. degrees are pursued by students wanting to pursue post-professional school.

Our office is located in the Chemistry Building (C021) and our office staff can be reached at (812) 855-2700.  If you are a prospective student or need to make an advising appointment, feel free to contact one of our chemistry advisor, Carly Friedman or Carlin Schrag to set up an on-campus visit.

What Do Our Students Do with a Chemistry Degree?

Undergraduates who wish to teach chemistry may wish to pursue our new B.S. Chemistry/M.S. Education dual degree that can be accomplished in five years. This degree is designed for students who wish to teach at either secondary schools or community colleges while providing a strong and versatile enough background to be employed in industry.

Furthermore, several students choose to pursue and earn two degrees in four years (e.g. B.A. Chemistry/B.A. Germanic Studies; B.A. Chemistry/B.A. Drama; B.S. Chemistry/B.S. Biology; B.S. Biochemistry/B.S. Neuroscience; B.S. Biochemistry/B.S. Mathematics). Alternatively, students demonstrate their interests by earning minors in several areas.

High Impact Practices Outside the Classroom