C117 Eligibility

C117 Eligibility Quiz: Please answer the questions below to determine your eligibility.

Please note that the C117 Eligibility Quiz and the CPE exam ARE NOT the same thing.



In order to gain permission for C117 and C127 you must fulfill one of the following prerequisites:

If you do not have these you can either take the CPE or ALEKS AND fulfill a Math pre-requisite.

You will need one of the following:


AND one of the following:


Completion of the CPE and/or the ALEKS is due before requesting enrollment permission.


For questions contact the Undergraduate Office at 812-855-2700.

If you are seeking permission to enroll in C117/C127, please send an email to chempreq@indiana.edu with your full name and student ID number.


C117 Eligibility Map Download

C117 Placement Exam