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The QCB Training Program is pleased to provide topic-based e-learning modules that have been created as part of the Introduction to Chemical Biology I (CHEM C681) course for Indiana University students and the broader scientific community.

The goals for the development of these online training units are 1) to solidify student knowledge of scientific concepts and content and increase trainee communication skills by having them teach others; 2) to develop trainee skills in communicating in and working in multidisciplinary teams centered around a common goal – specifically a coauthored e-learning module; 3) to build a repository of mini-classes on topics related to quantitative and chemical biology and its foundations for not only trainees but also the broader scientific community; and 4) to allow trainees and other scientists a facile method to easily learn (or brush up on) the fundamentals of techniques, experiments, and knowledge in order to form a shared community centered on a common language.

Co-Program Director Nicola Pohl would like to thank all the students and trainees who have participated in creating these e-modules!

We are committed to ensure that this online training is as effective and beneficial as it can be to the scientific community. Therefore, we welcome all feedback and appreciate your time. Please e-mail chemgrnt@indiana.edu with your suggestions.

In order to properly view the e-modules, please ensure that you have the latest Adobe Flash Player download here.

E-Module List by Topic

Terpene Biosynthesis

The Development of High Throughput Screening Methods

The Development of Tools for Molecular Imaging: Instruments

Natural Products and Their Biological Targets

Chemoenzymatic Oligosaccharide Synthesis

Oligosaccharide Synthesis